The Great Hysteria and The Broken State

This book by Sanjeev Sabhlok explains that lockdowns are rejected by science, they violate Victoria’s public health laws and Victoria’s approved pandemic plan.

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“His first was a loud departure from a secure Victorian government job in courageous dissent against that government’s Covid-19 policies – a demonstration to Australians of what it means to stand for something.  This book contains his vision for what has gone wrong, why it is so wrong, and how to stop it happening again.”  – Gigi Foster, Professor of Economics at UNSW

“Anyone who wants to understand what has happened in Victoria in response to Covid-19 must read this book. Sabhlok’s writings about the realities of SARS-CoV-2 virus and the dysfunctional political response to it are a revelation. This book will hopefully change the hearts and minds of many Australians about the Covid phenomenon we have all experienced. At the very least, Australians should be grateful that there are still men of integrity and courage like Sanjeev Sabhlok who are willing to speak the truth despite significant personal cost. Sabhlok has shown us the true meaning of public service and we are all indebted to him for his brave stand and for writing this important, informative and timely book.” – Eamonn Mathieson, Specialist Anaesthetist, convenor of the Australian Covid Medical Network.